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Medical/Research Resources on the Web:

Skin Concerns


Get their free newsletter and informative Rosacea packet and check list here.

Rosacea (pronounced roh-ZAY-sha) is a common but little-known disorder of the facial skin that affects an estimated 14 million Americans -- and most of them don't know it. 
For sheer information, it´s tough to beat DERMAdoctor´s feature articles and newsletters where Dr. Kunin shares the most current developments in skin care technology and research. This is what separates from other retailers on the web.
Medical/Research Resources on the Web:  

General Health

"Insulin Resistance Syndrome," a concise and informative article by Frederick R. Jelovsek MD.
American Diabetes Association Home Page Everything you ever wanted to know about Diabetes and current treatment options.  The leading non-government information site.
Link for LifeAre you ready to learn how you can reduce your risk for heart attacks and stroke? View Link for Life, a fun, interactive program filled with practical tips and valuable information.Make the Link! Did you know that 2 out of 3 people with diabetes die from heart disease and stroke? Make the Link! Diabetes, Heart Disease and Stroke is an initiative of the American Diabetes Association and the American College of Cardiology, aimed at increasing awareness of the link between diabetes and heart disease.
Living and Working With Cancer.

workbookThis will open an e-mail link to request your free copy.

I always get asked for this resource, so here you go.  Click the book for a link directly to their free (yep, free and it's very, very good).  The workbook Living and Working with Cancer  contains medical history charts, insurance logs, questions to ask doctors and tips on combining work and treatment.  Really helpful.
Learn About Cold SoresABREVA is the first and only non-prescription cold sore medicine approved by the FDA to shorten healing time.  

Some clients swear that the amino acid lysine, taken at a dose of 500 mg a day, will help prevent a recurrence.  Research any option carefully and talk with your Dr. to find one that works for you. 

 Many people deal with cold sores and fever blisters.  Though this is a commercial site, it has a lot of good information on HSV1 and how to deal with it.
Medical/Research Resources on the Web:  

Women's Health

Any questions you have regarding women's health are answered here.
Welcome to! Dr. Sara Rosenthal (Ph.D) is the author of most of the content on this site.  Sara has written an extensive number of books on health issues ranging from colon health, type 2 diabetes, thyroid health, G.I. disorders, heart health, breast cancer, gynecological health and others.
Woman's Diagnostic Cyber logo An interesting health site, primarily for women.  The link to the site as a whole, very neat organizational structure, you can even search by symptom!
Your First Gyne Visit"This is a website designed to help a young woman understand what happens at her first visit to her general practitioner or gynecologist. It talks also about what the doctor will discuss with you. It will help you to ask questions, so you better understand your own body and how to take better care of it." This is an international website so don't be surprised at the unusual spelling.  Very informative, you get a virtual "guide" to walk you though the process.  Some parents may object to the questions about sex, and sexual history so if that concerns you, preview the site.
Medical/Research Resources on the Web:  

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Resources, Syndrome O, Fertility Issues

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Association THE organization dedicated to educating us about PCOS and supporting those diagnosed.  Offers a free handy check list to complete and take to your doctor. presents the PCOS PAVILION
In collaboration with PCOSupport™ the PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome Association, Inc.
This is a VERY quality site, medically oriented by user friendly.
Run by the University of Chicago Med. School, very authorative.
A support group for women and interested others with PCOS, lots of discussion about alternative treatment options.
Another support group with many opportunities for discussion.  Highlights not all women with PCOS fit the classic profile, and many are fertile.
Healing Syndrome O: A Strategic Guide to Fertility, Polycystic Ovaries, and Insulin Imbalance Healing Syndrome O: A Strategic Guide to Fertility, Polycystic Ovaries, and Insulin Imbalance
by Ronald F. Feinberg, MD, Editorial Advisor

"In this book, leading reproductive specialist Dr. Ronald Feinberg provides a new way of looking at the disorder, linking it to body wide metabolic irregularities, insulin resistance, nutrition, activity, and stress-a combination of health issues that collectively make up what he has termed "Syndrome O." And this understanding brings new hope for overcoming it. 

Written in a compassionate, inspirational, and motivational style, Healing Syndrome O discusses the causes and complications of this condition and provides a targeted plan to help women balance and repair their overall health, overcome symptoms, and, especially, restore their fertility."
The American Fertility Association Home Page Top Banner The American Fertility Association – the national patient advocacy organization where the “No Barriers” membership is always free and information is accessible 24/7.
IVF Treatment Tutorial An organization dedicated to helping women through IVF and providing accurate information about it. 
Medical/Research Resources on the Web:  

Menopause and Aging Resources

Menopause E-NewsletterMenopause E-Newsletter

The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) sponsors Menopause Flashes®, a FREE monthly e-mail newsletter for consumers.  All women – and their healthcare providers – are invited to subscribe.

It has fun-to-read information about menopause, perimenopause, early menopause, and the many therapies available to ease symptoms and reduce risk of disease later in life. It also includes the latest menopause news – plus, the option to give feedback about future topics. 
The North American Menopause Society
Anything, and everything you need to know to make decisions about menopause related topics.  Extensive research links and articles by quality sources.  Great free newsletter, click the picture for a free preview of the newsletter.
A newer site that was funded by a large grant.  Some very interesting articles on Menopause and its impacts.  Interesting political advocacy section.
National Institute on Aging This is a link directly to the Menopause section of the Institute, it has PDF documents for free download detailing everything you may never have wanted to know and more:)
Community Service Organizations and Causes:    
Other Hair Removal Resources  
  The American Electrology Association. The only electrology only professional organization.  Use their links to find an electrologist in your area.
Like the print magazine, the web site is dedicated to providing visitors with the most comprehensive, independent and unbiased hair removal information affecting electrologists, their clients, and the entire domain of permanent hair removal.



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